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Dr. Robert Jaffe

Chair of IRF ITS Committee
Dr. Jaffe is an electrical and systems engineer with EE degrees from Cornell (BS) and Stanford (MS, PhD). After 13 years as a Research Staff Manager at IBM’s Research Division, in 1996 he founded Consensus Systems Technologies (“ConSysTec”) where he remains a principal. Dr. Jaffe is also an INCOSE CSEP (International Council on Systems Engineering, Certified Systems Engineering Professional).

From 1993-1996 Dr. Jaffe was Program Manager & Chief Architect for development of the USDOT National ITS Architecture, which he continues to extend and maintain to the present. He has developed over 90 regional ITS architectures in New York City, NY State, the US and internationally, including Canada, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and China. In 2019 he completed the ITS Conceptual Design for the Gui’an New Area in China's southwest Guizhou Province. He is also an instructor at the Rutgers University National Transit Institute where he developed and teaches Project Management for Transit Professionals both in-person and online.