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Ioannis Nasoulis

IBI Group
Ioannis Nasoulis holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Erlangen – Nuernberg (Germany) and has over 20 years of experience working for the infrastructure construction and transportation industry. In 1999, he succesfully managed the deployment of the first large scale ITS project in Greece, the Integrated Toll and Traffic Management System of the Athens ring road. Subsequently he was assigned the role of the Tunnel Safety Officer of the Athens ring road. In 2007, Ioannis undertook to organize and manage the operation and maintenance of the 230km long Aegean Motorway concession as the project’s COO. He lead a team of 480 experts, engineers, managers, maintenance workers and toll collectors, through a major operational crisis involving a dramatic rockfall incident resulting to longlasting international arbitration procedures and a successful project restructuring process, necessary to mitigate severe problems resulting from the Greek financial crisis. In 2016, Jannis joined IBI Group in Toronto working in North American ITS and infrastructure projects. In 2018 Jannis moved to IBI’s Athens office and added to the local practice a continously growing infrastructure division. In parallel he managed the deployment and succesfull delivery of Greece’s first distance based tolling system, the Olympia Odos Hybrid TCS.