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Ricardo Tiago

Institute for Mobility and Transport (Portugal)
Senior Advisor
Ricardo Tiago is a Civil Engineer in the area of transport and road safety, by Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa.
From 2008 to 2012, he worked in Road Safety and Quality Department of the former InIR – Institute for Road Infrastructures, in the area of road safety, management of concession contracts, monitoring the operation and maintenance activities of the various road infrastructure stakeholders.
With the merge of the three former public institutes, Ricardo works now in IMT – Institute for Mobility and Transport, on the Directorate of Management Contracts and Concessions.
In addition, since 2016 its course has been more directed to the national and international area in the field of Mobility, ITS, C-ITS, CCAM.
He is responsible for C-ROADS PORTUGAL Project, and acts as National representative, or Point of Contact, in several European fora and institutions such as:
•European Platform C-ROADS (C-ITS Deployments);
•European ITS Committee and associated Expert Groups;
•CEDR - Working Group on Connected and Automated Driving;
•High Level Meetings - Connected and Automated Driving;
•PIARC - T.C. 2.4 - RNO & ITS (2020-2023);
•Datex II Steering Group (2016 to 2017);
•PIARC - T.C. 3.3 - Road Tunnels Operations (2016-2019);