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Yana Tumakova

Eastern Alliance for Safe & Sustainable Transport
A project manager specialising in sustainable mobility, road safety infrastructure, policy, advocacy, education and campaigning with a long-term working experience in Africa and Europe collaborating with international institutions and development banks.

Currently, Yana Tumakova is a Consultant for road infrastructure interventions for the Eastern Alliance for Safe & Sustainable Transport (EASST) in partnering countries (Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan).

Through her four-year-work in Liberia in the context of bilateral government cooperation, Ms Tumakova supported the governmental and non-governmental institutions in the development and implementation of the National Action Plan for Road Safety. In this context, she pioneered various initiatives for road safety awareness, including Safe Streets Festival, and Road Safety Comedy Competitions. Latest, Yana led the creation of the 1st Road Safety Schoolbook "A Safe Way to School" for Liberian schools.

In her previous occupation Yana was a public relations and event manager.

Ms Tumakova studied in Germany, Mexico and Russia and holds a Master degree in International Relations & Development Policy, B.Sc. in Social Sciences & Business Administration, as well as M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Law, Finance & Taxation.

Yana speaks German, English, Spanish fluently and Russian as a mother-tongue.